Car wash kills paint work

Amy Fern Vargas was sat in KFC, casually eating chicken, minding her own business, when she looked over and saw that IMO attending car wash in Bridgend had stripped the paintwork off someone’s Mercedes while cleaning it. The owner of the car was going mental with the staff on duty. At one point even brandished a bat.Then he even turned the car wash on with the man who ruined his car inside.

This could be a wrap gone wrong and the heat/chemicals have reacted with the adhesive holding the wrap on. Then the brushes, stripped off the the wrap. Or the chemicals used to clean car have reacted with the paint work causing the damage. While this is an uncommon occurrence it goes to show that you need to be careful when it comes to cleaning your car.

If the company your dealing with can’t tell you what’s in it, don’t trust them. 

Only one thing is clear, I will not be taking my car there. 

For detailing products I would reccomend On its Arse

**update just discovered this was a prank**


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Amy Fern Vargas

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