Elvis blocks speed camera then calls policeman a ‘pig’

Father-of-two Matthew Middleton had enough of the mobile cash cows and took matters into his own hands. He was becoming sick of ‘invisible’ speed cameras that hide behind bushes etc.

He saw red after spotting one outside Hartlepool Rugby Club on October 4, so marched over and stood right in front of it.The 49-year-old said his stunt was inspired by Youtube – unfortunately “it’s a prank” didn’t work and his wife watched on in dismay as he was arrested.

Middleton, from Dunn Road, Peterlee, filmed officers as they arrested him, and cars beeped in support during his protest on Easington Road. Prosecutor Joanne Hesse told Teesside Magistrates’ Court: ‘When arrested the defendant called the officer a pig and began making a snorting noise.

‘He then gave his name as Elvis Presley.’

The police officer said he felt ‘scared and intimidated’ – but Middleton claims he was just making a stand for motorists over mobile ‘cash points’. After the hearing, he said: ‘They acted like what I did was the crime of the century.’

‘I just told the officer if you can record me then I can record you.’

The court was told protest happened in the middle of the afternoon.

Picture: Glen Wallace

‘They are just cash machines and supposed to be visible but you can never see that one,’ added Middleton, who of course represented himself.

The road in question switches from 40mph to 30mph, it is a speeding hotspot.

Middleton was hit was a £40 fine for his antics and must also pay £85 costs and a £30 charge.

He told proceedings: ‘know I shouldn’t have done it.

‘(But) people have just been laughing about it – well, apart from my wife.’

Last February, cheeky Chris Welford made global headlines after using his BMW boot to block a camera in Marske Road.

Elvis Middleton is currently in the lead for the hero of 2018.


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