Police get car tuning lessons

In FRESNO, California

Law enforcement officers are now getting a lesson in what stock parts street racers are swapping out to tube their cars and trucks.

Officers from several different agencies are learning what to look for under the hood that is illegal and citable. So there will be no more playing dumb when you get pulled.

“Not only do we teach the vehicle code and violations to look for to start with their enforcement contacts, we also teach sideshows, we talk about motorcycle trends,” said Sgt. Adam Rodriguez, California Highway Patrol.

Evidence of burnouts and races are all over town, on freeways and cul de sacs. Especially on weekend nights, Fresno Police dispatchers lines have been filling up with complaints from fed-up residents, and scared motorists caught up in the action and races.

“So we’re hearing about it from the community. We have seen some collisions related to this and we’re seeing the vehicles out and about,” said Burke Farrah, Fresno Police Department.

Instead of trying to track down racers when they are speeding down the street, officers are now swapping their tactics. They are focusing on spotting the cars on your way to work or the grocery store car park.

“The tools that we’re presenting to these law enforcement officers help them to stop these vehicles on a daily basis without them being involved in these types of activities,” said Rodriguez.
Officers will be able to detect a modified muffler, intake systems and other car parts that are banned due to smog emissions.”

“These laws were written to keep our air clean and street racers circumvent those laws and those equipment in order to run faster,” said Farrah.

Once cars are stopped and cited, a state referee has to clear the car before it can get back on the road. Depending on the violation fines and impound fees, the cost could be in the thousands.

Stay safe out there.


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