Real Life Need For Speed

This is Need for Speed in real life! Until now, we have only seen these kinds of cars in this backdrop and setting go head to head in video games. Seeing a $4 million Ferrari LaFerrari being pushed to its limits is definitely a rare sight!

This is not something you should do on normal roads and although these two get away with it. This should have been a track race rather than a street one.

So the guy filming the video is cruising around the UAE in an undisclosed

location. This race isn’t something that was organized but happened on the fly. If you are in a supercar the urge to push your limits as well as the cars will be huge.

Like most street races, it starts with having a little play on the main roads, nothing silly just a lot of engine revving. Then the local drivers lead the cameraman on to a quiet strip of road, where they can really open up.

The sound of the engines is such a beautiful, raw power tune that really gets you excited. Which is why they keep pushing the speed up and up.

These kinds of races tend to be short-lived and generally on straighter stretches road. There will always be a clear winner but sometimes it will come down to balls rather than power. How well a driver can control their car, will determine if they easy off before a bend or are unsure of the road.

Street racing is real and while this video does make it look glamorous, a lot of ill-informed and inexperienced drivers can cause serious accidents when racing. Being safe is better than dead. You want to learn, do it on track under controlled conditions, not on the road.

Just think before you drive.


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