‘rich kid of Russia’ drifts around historic land mark

A ‘rich kid of Russia’ has been made internet famous  after dangerously drifting his car around a historic square in the middle of the night.

Capturing the video via drone, shows the car drifting past tourist attractions in St Petersburg during a street manji.

It speeds past other vehicles in the street and drifts between parked cars while passing the Monument to Nicholas I, St Isaac’s Cathedral and the 173-year-old Mariinsky Palace.

A blog called Rich Russian Kids shared the footage on Instagram with a taunt for police reading: “Where is my ticket please?”

The footage was shot earlier this week at night in St Isaac’s Square in the historic city.

The streets are mostly quiet except for a few vehicles and the rally car tearing through the heart of the former capital of Imperial Russia.

The scene was captured by a drone that was flying just behind the car.

The Rich Russian Kids blog taunted police in the video caption, writing: “Well, let’s write in the press, write me a fine.

“Where is my ticket, please?”

The driver was praised by car enthusiasts and slammed by viewers who considered the stunt to be dangerous.

One Instagram user wrote: “Dizzying. But the risk…”

Another user added: “Why do not you have enough intelligence to apply yourself to useful things?”

The video has been viewed more than half a million times.

The guys got skills but when the likes of Donut Media tackle these kind of videos they do so on closed roads.

Stay safe out there.


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