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This weekend saw the third meet, Spotted Bradford Top Cars held at Valley. Having missed the one before, where the turn out was mental. There was not a chance in hell I was missing this one.

And it did not disappoint, arriving at 7:30 pm the car park was already filling up. Part of what makes the Valley Parade meet such a good spot, is the car park layout. It is the perfect size, it allows for a decent amount of cars, but doesn’t look empty when it’s not full. Due to how the parking spaces are laid out, it prevents speeding within the car park. Which is not only good from a crowd safety point of view but also from car safety one too.

It was a busy meet, with a lot going on. There was a good range of cars there, even a Rolls Royce rocked up. Bike Life Bradford also made an appearance bringing a large group with them. Admittedly their presence did make me a little nervous. After the issues on Kirstall Road over in Leeds, I’m pretty sure they are a target for the police. But my concern wasn’t warranted, the people who came to meet seemed like a good bunch of petrol heads. There was no bikes racing between parked cars and while at the meet, other than the odd wheelie there was no daft riding.

The Spotted Bradford Top Cars meet managed to keep the balance between a safe meet and a fun one. The atmosphere was an exciting one with loads of engine popping and bass. A lot of bass.


What I have noticed from the car scene is how entrepreneurial those in it are. One to look our for is the Culture Gang, a fast growing car club. Who have launch their own brand of car cleaning products and Cherry aroma spray. While it is early doors for them, it is clear they are going somewhere. With their recent successful club stand at Ultimate Street Car 2017. They are a highly engaged group, who organise some fairly big convoys to meets.

While not a monthly meet the Spotted Bradford Top Cars meet is well worth going to. The fact that it is only host every so often is what makes it’s so good. It attracts new people each time. Plus your not seeing the same cars week in, week out, which is nice too.
Spotted Bradford Top Cars might not host regular meets like the Bradford Modified Club. But they add to the car scene in Bradford and bring a little variety to the meets. And it is nice to see members of both groups supporting each other and attending the meets.


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