Traffic lights coming to a motorway near you

Traffic lights are going to be introduced for the first time ever on UK motorways, as Highways England bosses attempt to tackle the growing congestion, we have to deal with everyday.

This £7 million trial scheme is being rolled next month at the Croft interchange, where junction 21A of the M6 meets junction 10 of the M62 near Warrington, Cheshire. The lights at this link road junction will only operate during peak hours. In an attempt to ease traffic flow.

While traffic lights have existed on motorway slip roads for quite some now, this new scheme marks the first time lights have been installed on the motorway itself.

While the UK’s 2,300 miles of motorway represent just one per cent of the nationwide road network, they account for 21 per cent of the 323 billion miles drivers travel each year, and motorway traffic was up 30 per cent last year compared to the mid-90s.

Those statistics are borne out by drivers themselves, 61 per cent of whom said in a survey published this month that they felt motorway traffic is getting worse, year on year.

This new scheme is due to begin in December with the introduction of traffic lights on the eastbound M62 heading towards Manchester, and will be partnered with reduced speed limits at peak times.

After the first phase, in January lights will be installed on the link road where the M6 meets the eastbound M62. This portion of the scheme aims to reduce the amount of cars on the already congested M62.

If successful, the trial scheme could be rolled out at other motorway link roads in the UK, as transport bosses continue to lower congestion on the UK’s road network, which costs the UK economy £9 billion each year.

Let’s hope this doesn’t increase accidents on the already notorious M62 to Manchester.


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