Welsh police stop muppet after he was driven without a TYRE

The Welsh police had to stop a motorist for driving a car which had no front tyre.

The car, which was also missing the driver’s front wing, was pulled over by baffled officers on Thursday. There were also loose cables dangling on the road.

To round it all off the car had, you will never guess, no current MOT or insurance. The last MOT registered for the car ran out in July 2016.

The driver, however, had passed their test in November 2017.

Traffic police stopped the car, a 2001 Peugeot, on Thursday night in Pembrokeshire, west Wales.

Officers then tweeted about the incident and also posted pictures on social media.

Since they arrested the driver, officers have now charged the motorist with driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Their message added: ‘And yes, it was being driven in that condition on public roads.’

Why the driver thought the car was road legal is beyond us.


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